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Penultimate Pontefract Meeting!

As we draw close to the end of our first season it’s time to reflect on the season we’ve just had. This summer, to be fair, hasn’t been particularly great “coffee weather”! Paul and I have often looked at each other and thought, “it’s too hot for coffee”. A phrase used all too often this year. It’s interesting on how much the weather influences one’s business. Perhaps a bit of an oversight when we started our little coffee van business.

One of our busiest days this year was at Pateley Bridge, where Philip single handily made coffee non stop for 5 hours. Busy busy!

On the other hand one of the quietest was at Pontefract Racecourse where it was close to 30°C all day. Thinking back I think we sold about 10 coffees.

It‘s gojng to be interesting to see how the winter pans out this year. Last year was super cold and the snow was an interesting contender.

Anyway best get on - people are arriving at The Races now. Let’s hope it’s a busy one!

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